Flavours & Fillings

Kerry's Cupcakes believe cakes are not only about the design but the flavour!

Only using free range eggs, fresh organic fruits, quality Vanilla Bean Paste and Belgian chocolate. All cakes are baked fresh to order. Incorporate your design with flavour to create a moist soft delicious bespoke cake or cupcakes.

Take a look at the beautiful cupcake and cake flavours and fillings on offer below.

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Classic Vanilla.. A classic light vanilla sponge, filled with organic strawberry preserve, topped with a whipped vanilla bean buttercream

Rich Chocolate Truffle.. A decadently rich and moist dark chocolate sponge, filled and covered with an indulgent smooth dark chocolate ganache 

Tangy Lemon.. A luscious light lemon sponge, with creamy lemon curd layer and whipped white chocolate ganache filling, covered with white chocolate ganache

Indulgent Coffee .. A creamy smooth Espresso sponge, soaked with Espresso syrup and filled with an whipped Espresso chocolate ganache filling and covered with smooth dark chocolate ganache

Earl Grey.. Infused light and fluffy sponge with a vanilla creamy buttercream

Rich Boozy Fruit.. A rich fruit cake loaded with fruit and nuts, finished with a layer of natural marzipan and thinly iced.. fed with French Brandy for 6-8 weeks!

Chocolate Raspberry Surprise .. A rich dark chocolate and crushed raspberry sponge, filled with crushed raspberries and whipped dark chocolate ganache, covered with a dark chocolate ganache.. decorated with fresh raspberries

Blueberry & Lemon Drizzle .. A soft moist lemon and blueberry sponge, topped with lemon drizzled fondant icing or whipped white chocolate and crushed fresh blueberry ganache

Lemon Raspberry Dream .. A light lemon sponge soaked with lemon syrup, filled and covered with a raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream.. decorated with fresh raspberries

Baileys .. A light Baileys infused sponge, topped with a whipped Baileys buttercream

Tia Maria .. A light Tia Maria infused sponge, topped with a whipped Tia Maria buttercream

Classic Vanilla Bean.. A light and fluffy vanilla bean sponge with a smooth whipped vanilla bean buttercream swirl

Double Chocolate.. A decadently rich and moist dark chocolate sponge, topped with an indulgent whipped dark chocolate ganache

Tangy Lemon.. A luscious light lemon curd sponge, filled with lemon curd and topped with a creamy whipped lemon swirl

Indulgent Coffee.. A creamy smooth Espresso sponge, topped with a rich espresso and whipped milk chocolate ganache

I will make gluten free cakes, nut free and eggless cakes. For any questions on my flavours or dietary requirements, Please fill out the Contact Form for a full quote and I will contact you within 24 hours. 

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